Saturday, May 07, 2011

A Happy Mother's Day

To all of sisters around the world, also to my beloved mom and my then younger sister Mariko (1971-2002), I'll send congratulations for this special day !

To be honest ... me as man, I didn't make much of it as women do before my sister passes and my mom gets sick. But as time goes by, it has become a different meaning to me, especially mom and I have left apart, and I have stayed home just alone.

Also to my beloved sister Mariko, who turns out to be 40 if she were alive, I'll send both of you guys a lovely flower as a token of my gratitude being a part of my family !

Thank you so much and A Happy Mother's Day to you both !

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jenny said...

Hi Take

U r soooooo sweet and lovely . May u hv a enjoyable day with your mom on this special day . I hv a great one yesterday with my mom , sister and some friends .


Jenny Chee