Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Visiting Dad's Cemetery for OBON & today is also..

The Day when The World War Ⅱ ended under the unconditional surrender in which Japan was involved, which was as far back as Aug 15 in 1945. 
Speaking of it, I've already referred to one of my blog archives down below, so take a look ^^

Currently in Japan, Bon Festival is taken place till tomorrow nationwide, which is a Japanese Buddhist holiday in August to honor the departed spirits of one's ancestors.

To follow our ancestral customs, today I went to my dad's cemetery to report him everything that I had had over the past year.

So far, almost everything around me is looking up and I told him so.

Also in the evening after I got home, I cleaned up the Buddhist altar in my place very carefully, where the photos of the deceased (my dad's & my younger sis's) are stood up. I lit up the candle and offered incense sticks respectively for my dad & for my sis, and said a prayer for them.


If I were more respectful, maybe I would have done it more often. I'm really sorry, both !
But by doing so, our bonds are tightened up securely for goods, I believe...they do understand me, maybe !

Thank you so much dad & sis for reminding me of the spiritual day ! 

Okay, I'll try my utmost for the rest of my life ^~^ 


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