Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wishing You A Happy New Year !

So only a couple of days left before the upcoming 2011.
Still, the world economy is so bleak with the high unemployment rate, and some people are on the verge of being suicidal due to despair against their lives which seems so relentless.

Having no income for almost 2 years, and owing to the weakening foreign currencies such as USD or Euro, my savings have also been plummeted over the years, and are getting drained day by day.

No matter what it would be, I need to secure the job at all costs before my money is running out of course though I still have some more bucks to make ends meet.

Hope the global economic downturn will soon be recovered, and approximately 3.3 millions of people across the country who are out of work will soon make a fresh start as of 2011.

And I wish you A Happy New Year!

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