Sunday, August 15, 2010

Maybe I've got to speculate more on this issue before the date changes...

Now its already 11PM, less than an hour left before 16th, and Ive thought that I should speculate more on the issue that I didn’t refer to some SNS before the date changes.

Still today is Aug 15, and what can it be harbored by remembering the date I submitted??
Maybe different people have different thoughts individually. It also depends on each generation or each race, or sexnot the same at all. Rather it should be regarded as quite different in each country.
Like it or not, and some people may fall on deaf ears since the topic seems no picnic to handle it. What makes me tantalize the core of the matter is that it is very controversy issue to bring up, thus I didn’t mention much about it on some SNS Ive been mingling with. But I would like you to remember the date of Aug 15 for those who coincided to visit my weblog anyhow. It is exactly the memorial date of which the World War Ⅱ ended, which was as far back as 1945 on the same day.

Imagine that you were born before the World War Ⅱis taken place, maybe back in 1930s or 40s, and your life supposedly been exposed in such historical upheaval. Your life might not have been guaranteed up to the present, who knows? Or your life expectancy might have shorten up just because of the unexpected tragedy which you cannot take controls. .

How lucky we are being skirted around such tragedy just because of the later birth which was after the World War !
And also we take peace and safety for granted that weve never thought of such calamity on the daily basis, what do you think?

Im also one of those generations who have never encountered such tragic war, and it may sound too audacious to speculate that stuff in the eyes of our predecessors as well.

As far as I am concerned, my grandparent’s generation (Born in 1900s-1910s), and also my parent’s generation (Born in 1930s-1940s) must have gone through hard times over the periods. Especially I hear my grandpa was sent into troops, while the rest of his family (My grandma, dad, uncle, aunt) fled to the countryside for safety during the war. 

And after the series of air raid, most of our town (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya...etc) turned into burnt-out ruins in a brief moment. 
The worst has come to worst in Aug 6 in Hiroshima, 9th in Nagasaki, where 2 atomic bombs were thrown down to the heart of the city. It is said that at least 250 thousands people were killed in both cities, and they were completely ruined. 

And to make matters worse, there are still a lot of victims who suffer from aftereffect of atomic bombs up to the present, which means damages have ranged up to 3 or 4 generations. So you can easily imagine how threatening the atomic bomb is! 
Even after 65 years passed, there are still a lot of victims who suffer from aftereffect. And as a last resort, they filed the lawsuit against their government to compensate their loss. 
Consequently, some are settled, and some are unsettled.

Nevertheless, there are many countries that still have nuclear weapons, and the development of those nuclear weapons is still under way in some countries as you may know. 
Namely US, China, UK, France, Russia, India, Pakistan, Iran, and the notorious North Korea, which also puzzles us over Japanese abductees over 30 years or longer, and etc…must abolish nuclear weapons across the board.

The fact is today is the day we should pay a tribute to the memory of deceased who had unfortunately passed away by involving this war. Also we must pledge ourselves not to wage war again for the sake of nation's permanent peace. Maybe this is the common sense for people all around the world regardless of your age, nationalityetc.

So please just bear it in your mind that this is the historical fact and you should harbor something in your mind no matter what. Wherever you are and how you spend your day …make sure to remind the date of Aug 15. And to say nothing of, Im not a hypocrite, but I think its our obligation to remember the war dead in every Aug 15. 
Thats what I wanted to say in my utmost
Well, thank you all to get all the way through my updates regarding this issue.


Jenny Chee said...

Hi take san

Thank you for reminded us of this important date . As u said maybe we were born after the world war II , that is why we din recall or remember this date at all .

To me i think my mum have gone thru this period of time but she might be to young to know anything abt this .

Thank you for sharing with us and a good write up from u . Keep it up .


Jenny Chee

Donna Dickson said...

i agree with you,my Mother was young
and does not remember that much. WWll
We should remember, those who forget
the past a doomed to repeat it...
Someone has said, it`s true.
Thank for reminding us of this.

Ogenki de.
Donna Dickson