Friday, January 04, 2013

Dear daddy! - sequel

Dear my dad,

15 months passed since I have mentioned you here on my blogger, dad !

As I reported you yesterday, mom looked so happy last time I met her on Jan 2 ^^ 

She told me she feels happy whenever I see her, and I am reassured that nothing was in vain during my visit to her hospital, or at least I realized that I have made her happy in anyhow..

I owe it to you that I was able to surmount everything I am involved over the last couple of years, and I still said in your will in Oct 24, 2004, which was,

Quit playing around (in original; MAJIME NI YAREYO=まじめにやれよ)

At that time, I still was greenhorn, and I must admit I could only grasp your words on the face value!!

Maybe, I was only scratching the surface of your last word you had left me before you were in critical condition..

Already more than 8 years passed since God had rest your soul dad, time flies !

Now that I understand what you've meant by MAJIME NI YAREYO.. 

It is not because of I got order, but because of I have got to face the music including mom's issue..

And I do know dad, you're always watching us (me and mom) from the heaven; 

I really was prodigal son when you were alive !
I have caused you millions of troubles..I'm very sorry, dad !

By way of apology, I will make it up for my mom (your wife) as much as I can..

And I'll never be succumbed to temptation or whatever..
I'll try my utmost especially at work..

Yes, you raised me up, Dad ! 
I thank you so much for your watching us as always !!!


Your son,





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