Monday, January 14, 2013

Today is Coming of Age Day

Somehow it is sarcastically snowing and is unlikely to stop soon..

No matter how the weather is, today is undoubtedly the special day to those who are eligible to attend the ceremony on the grand that he or she has become adult legally.

My Juniors,

Congratulations for becoming grown-ups !

At the same time, you have responsibility for any of your action and behavior !

Your obligation and your right are living cheek by jowl.

Do contribute to your society as much as you can in your field !

Do not cause troubles, otherwise you are taken into custody...Please just do goodness to anybody ! 

Nothing ventured, nothing gained 

Please bear this in your mind...should you try to become today's movers and shakers !

My Juniors, 

Enjoy yourself !

But please be careful not to fall down on your way home, coz it is pilled up with snow !




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