Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No picnic to handle it, yes, I really wanted to skirt around the topic if I could..

But after 2 weeks have passed since that tragedy occurred, I thought I needed to scrutinize it more objectively.
Thereafter I'll take the plunge to mention it !

2 weeks ago, which was in the evening on Jan 16 in our time (= in the morning on the same day in local time), the news reported that many of foreigners including our citizens (Japanese people) were incarcerated by the Armed Islamic Group. 

According to the source, it began on 16 January 2013, al-Qaeda-linked terrorists under the command of Mokhtar Belmokhtar took over 800 people hostage at the Tigantourine gas facility near In AménasAlgeria.

After four days, the Algerian special forces raided the site, in an effort to free the hostages.
At least 39 foreign hostages were killed along with an Algerian security guard, as were 29 militants.

We were very unfortunate to know in a few days that 10 dead bodies of our compatriots were found at the hospital, which was announced by our government shortly after that.

We could not help crying over and over and over, as the truth came into light.

We of course condemn the terrorism, it’s definitely unforgivable act. 

Besides what they (Terrorists) have done to all our friends is nothing but execution, no doubt ! 

Must it not be justified for the world!

To put it more specific, we must fight against terrorism not by waging war (=retaliating act), but by holding perpetual talks with them…

Hope All Leaders of the Nations that it may concern (I hear there are totally 8 countries concerned) must keep presence of their mind. 

You must not get on the provocation of the terrorist, namely, Japan, The United States...and all countries that have unfortunately lost their citizens during this period of times under the name of pathetic barbarism !

All Leaders of nations to whom it may concern,

Please don’t quarrel with your own flesh and blood !

We have already learned in the past war how the bloodshed is cruel, where our SDF were also dispatched at the scene, namely the Iraq War or War in Afghanistan, where foreign soldiers as well as local citizens were succumbed to death up to the present, as you know.

When the theme is considered as a domestic issue, the following law has to be revised;

So called Man-Power Dispatching Business Law in our nation killed one innocent 44 years old  man, I believe !

It is deeply related to our employment issue, thereafter he had to look for his job not in Japan, but outside the country. We do remember he had to say it to his family before heading for Algeria !

But then again, why the bereaved family had to be fired away by the media so persistently ???

Shame on inconsiderate newspapers and magazines even though it’s for the sake of your work ! 
You don’t have right to disclose everything of their own, do you ???

We also have right not to know everything that we don't want to know, for instance, what had happened thoroughly to him and his own family !! 

You (=Japanese Media) have got to be more discreet all the time !!! 

Please don’t take further steps to it, anymore !

And in my last word to conclude the issue,

I would deeply express my condolences to all people around the world who had unfortunately lost their lives due to violence.

I’m very sorry,
RIP to all casualties,


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